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Re-election Campaign
Paid for by Connie O'Brien for Kansas House; Medeana Knipp, Treasurer
Education funding makes up 65% of the Kansas Budget, 52% going to K-12 and the other 13% for higher education. The rest of the budget is divided among social services, the justice system, commerce and all other agencies.
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When I first ran for office in 2008 I signed the Taxpayers Protection Pledge to oppose any and all efforts to raise taxes in Kansas and I have kept that pledge. I believe that high taxes are counter productive because they take much needed funds from our families and businesses.
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In 2009, I supported HB 2367 which approved Sunflower Electric Corporation’s permit for constructing a new state of the art coal fired power plant at their Holcomb facility. The construction of this plant, using funds from private investors, was projected to inject $3.5 billion into our Kansas economy.

Missouri, Nebraska, Colorado and Oklahoma, all of our surrounding states, have stricter immigration laws than Kansas. Kansas is currently in the process of playing catch up. I am encouraged by the progress we are making, thanks in large part to the efforts of Secretary of State Kris Kobach.
Traditional Values
I am Pro-woman, Pro-family and Pro-life. I'm for the guys too. I have six, my husband and five sons. I love them all.

I have the endorsement of Kansans For Life.

Second Amendment Rights
I have been Endorsed and given an "A" rating by the NRA.
I am honored to have the endorsement of the National Rifle Association (NRA). I consider the NRA the first line of defense for our Second Amendment Rights. 
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Connie O’Brien is the past President of the Leavenworth County Republican Women’s Club and the current Vice Chair of the County Republican Party. Connie and her husband Ed live on a small farm North of Tonganoxie. Connie has a history degree from St. Mary College in Leavenworth. Connie has been a special education teacher. Her husband Ed is retired from the BNSF Railroad after 39 years of service. Ed was a member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 866. Connie sees herself as a voice for family farmers, small businesses, working men and women and traditional family values.